November 2021 Newsletter – Migrant Data Rights – A Government Misdirection

A public consultation ‘Data: A New Direction’ was launched last month with immense changes proposed that will undoubtedly undermine equal opportunities and lead to further discrimination for migrants. We are currently working on our consultation response to highlight how harmful we believe these proposals to be.  First and foremost, the new plans propose to impose […]

Celebrating Black History Month

 It’s October and the month to pay special attention to the UK’s Black History. Whilst we want it to be a celebratory moment and one where we learn from the Black communities, we do want to share a more sombre point with regards to those still affected by the Windrush Compensation Scheme. There are still many

October 2021 Newsletter- Short fixes for a crisis

Can a crisis be solved by short-term visa’s? In a case of déjà vu, the government announced its emergency visa/short-term visa scheme. This time the plan is to recruit migrant workers to drive our trucks- putting fuel in our cars and food on our table. If urging migrants to come and work in the UK

September 2021 Newsletter – Time For Change

Over the last week we have spoken to ITV News on the mental health support for Afghan refugees coming into the UK. We spoke on the need for appropriate mental health provision for Afghan refugees. We need this Gov to scrap the Borders Bill which will only be detrimental to mental health of asylum seekers

August Newsletter – Migrant Mentoring Scheme

We are looking for individuals to join our pool of Mentors(Volunteer) to help us to build our new mentoring scheme. We welcome applications from across the UK, as all mentoring will be via online platforms. Throughout the year, we occasionally host training programmes for migrant communities focused on topics like leadership, rights, and advocacy. We

July Newsletter – It didn’t come home…

Last month has taken us on a serious rollercoaster of emotions that we are all still reeling from to be honest. In preparation for Windrush Day on June 22nd, we celebrated this year by protesting outside Downing Street and asking for the Windrush Compensation Scheme to be removed from the hands of the Home Office,

June Newsletter – Every Street Should Be A Kenmure Street

The energy that we’re bringing with us into June is that of Kenmure Street! On Thursday 13th May 2021, what started as five or six concerned citizens intervening in an immigration raid on Kenmure Street in Pollokshields, Glasgow, soon became hundreds of protestors surrounding an immigration van, stopping the police from moving, chanting ‘Leave our

April 2021 Newsletter: Racism Is Real – The Sewell Report

The Sewell Report has invoked a tremendous reaction from those of us who work in race and equality, and rightly so. Over this Easter weekend, there have been numerous activists and campaigners talking about how this report does nothing except gaslight Black & Brown communities and justify the claims of racists that racism doesn’t exist

February 2021 Newsletter: Do you know you rights?

As part of our project to support families we are working in partnership with RAMFEL & OLMEC to help support migrant individuals and families by offering immigration, employment, mental health & well-being advice and support. We will be running our Know Your Rights workshop in February (22-24th) which aims to help migrants understand and assert

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