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About us

Who we are

Migrants’ Rights Network is charity that works alongside migrants in their fight for rights and justice.

We build relationships with grassroots, migrant-led organisations to understand the issues that are important to them and how we might be able to help. This can take many forms, but includes:

  • Using our platform to raise awareness of the issue amongst politicians and policy makers, and in the media.
  • Working with legal experts in order to pursue strategic litigation around cases raised with us by individuals or organisations.
  • Conducting research to build an evidence-base for change.
  • Making links between different causes and campaigns, to enable information and resource sharing.
  • Leadership and campaigning training.
  • Developing resources to inform people of their rights, and how to advocate for them.

We believe that everyone has the right to lead a dignified life, free from discrimination and oppression, and with equal access to justice. That is why we are particularly keen to work with seldom heard groups, and on the less popular and less publicly palatable issues that are not being addressed by others.

We are not a formal network. Rather, we seek to bring people together in order to share our collective resources and expertise and to build solidarity between movements, campaigns and communities. Whether that is making links between the race equality sector and the migrants’ rights sector, or between an individual and a legal expert who may be able to take on their case, we believe it is through building these bonds between people that we have the greatest opportunity to achieve change.