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About us

Our vision and values

Migrants’ Rights Network is a charity that works alongside migrants in their fight for rights and justice. We partner with individuals and organisations to challenge policy and legislation; build leadership and campaigning capacity in migrant communities; and raise awareness of migrants’ rights.

Our vision

MRN strives to create a situation in the UK in which:

  • People are free to move because migration is, and has always been, an integral part of the human experience.
  • Everyone, including all migrants, live in a society which is free from all forms of oppression and discrimination.
  • Nobody’s access to safety, rights and security should be determined by their immigration status.

Our values

  1. Migrant-centred. MRN places at the heart of its work the experiences and perspectives of migrants, to ensure it is accountable to those impacted by immigration and wider policies and practices.
  2. Justice for all migrants. MRN works for the rights of ALL migrants.
  3. Intersectional. MRN approaches its work with the understanding that people will experience multiple forms of oppression, where immigration status/migration experience is but one factor.
  4. Leadership. MRN strives to be daring and determined and speak ‘truth to power’ to obtain justice and equality for migrants. MRN also recognises that where it holds power, it must be held to account by those affected by the immigration systems.
  5. Solidarity. MRN builds the power of those affected by the immigration system and works in alliances to strengthen efforts to further the rights of all migrants.
  6. Collaboration. MRN teams up with activists, lawyers and academics to oppose hostile and unfair policies, tackle negative media narratives and campaign for real, meaningful change.