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We fight for immigration policy and practice that is just and that upholds the humanity and dignity of all people.

We need your help to make a difference.


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Govt states that Tier 4 students "make important contributions economically, academically, and financially" yet continue to restrict basic human rights for migrants #EndNRPF @migrants_rights https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-international-student-immigration-routes-open-early

We have written to @ukhomeoffice with @the3million to express our strong concerns about those with disabilities which affect their mental capacity being able to access the EU settlement scheme.

Read the full letter, and find out more on our blog: http://www.migrantsorganise.org/?p=29216


"...Priti Patel’s department was unaware of the damage caused by policy failures on “both the illegal and legitimate migrant populations”."

#SaysItAll #EndTheHostileEnvironment


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