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7 June 2022

June 2022 Newsletter:

Leaked Home Office Report + 'Who is Welcome?' Event Series

Statement from Fizza Qureshi, CEO of MRN:

At our recent ‘Who is Welcome?’ event, we explored how racism is a central foundation of the U.K.’s immigration policies. Shortly thereafter, this was confirmed by a leaked report that was commissioned by the Home Office. The contents of this report upheld what many of us have understood and known to be true about the U.K.’s immigration policies: that they were actively designed to ensure fewer numbers of Black and Brown migrants, and hamper the ability of these communities to make the U.K. their home. Through tracing the history of anti-racism activism and campaigning in the U.K., it becomes further evident that these campaigns came into being because Black and Brown people were targeted as if they did not ‘belong’ and should ‘go back home’.

We must understand that migrant/refugee and racial justice are intertwined. To treat these issues separately is to do a great disservice to our histories, and to how we can confront the systems that create these harmful policies. To challenge the U.K.’s immigration policies, we must commit ourselves to understanding the phenomena of migration and migratisation through the lens of racial justice.

Event Series Announcement: ‘Who is Welcome?

After our highly successful ‘Who is Welcome? Racism, Religion + Refugee Policy’ event, we are delighted to announce our ‘Who is Welcome?’ event series.

This event series will explore migration in tandem with other issues, and will explore the intersections between bordering and the following: racism, Islamophobia, colonialism, nationalism, citizenship status, gender, queerness, transness, disability, and class.

For all the latest announcements and updates regarding this series, check out our Twitter and Instagram!

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