Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) Review: Graduate Visa

On Tuesday, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) published its review of the Graduate Visa. The review was commissioned by the Government upon allegations by the Home Secretary that people were engaged in “immigration abuse or visa exploitation” by coming to the UK primarily for post-study work opportunities, instead of the studying itself. This followed the […]

The Whiteness of Europe

Europe Day 2024 This Europe Day, members of our Network reflect on the Whiteness of Europe.  “I am a second generation Cypriot living in the UK, the country which colonised my community, and divided my island. I view “Europe” as a whitewashing of my Cypriot heritage. Mainstream unification plans for Cyprus involve continued EU membership,

Celebrating Migrant Justice Event

A message from our CEO, Fizza Qureshi: On Friday 19 April, we held our Celebrating Migrant Justice Event at Pelican House. It’s important to acknowledge the state of migrant justice in 2024 and the context in which we held this event. As genocides unfold, and as refugees are being created across the world, we are

Trans+ History Week

This week marks Trans+ History Week. As part of our Who Is Welcome, Gender Queerness and Migration campaign, we have been continually reflecting on the intersections of border violence and transphobia, and how these histories of oppression continue to animate our present. Trans and GNC migrants and radicalised people face the most acute end of

Liberation for migrant workers : International Workers’ Day 2024

International Workers’ Day marks an opportunity to draw attention to the struggles migrant workers face, and stand in solidarity with them. However, at MRN we believe that the fight for migrant workers’ rights cannot be achieved under the UK immigration system.  Workers are viewed through the lens of their economic worth. This is especially the

Cross-border surveillance and racial profiling: the EU Migration Pact and the UK

“… not a fortress Europe, but a well-guarded house, with more secure external borders and clear rules on who is entitled to enter”  European Commission Vice-President Margaritis Schinas The European Parliament has adopted the New Pact on Migration and Asylum (EU Migration Pact). Despite the claims by the European Commission Vice President, this is no

Diaspora Dyke Manifesto

To mark Lesbian Visibility Week 2024, we’re proud to launch our Diaspora Dyke Manifesto as part of our Who is Welcome: Gender, Queerness and Migration. In the UK and in many parts of the Western world, attacks against marginalised people have increased. Whether this is by rolling back on trans rights including reducing access to

dislocated diasporic identities: A Poem by Dija for Lesbian Visibility Week 2024

It is always easier to count backwards from the end thanforward from the beginning. Easier to orient yourself in yourown countdown than history’s fickle hands of time. Forget themassacred family they had to leave behind, the lips crackeddry with starvation and every heaving breath tasting likeblood. You’re not concerned with the women that came beforeyou

The Rwanda Bill is set to become law

The Rwanda Bill will become law. Hours after the Bill was passed, more people seeking protection have died trying to cross the Channel. This cruel, racist legislation is clearly deadly by design. This marks another chapter in the history of deterring people from the Global South and People of Colour from starting a new life

Erasure, Lesbophobia and Migration: Lesbian Visibility Week 2024

**Content warning: This article includes references to homophobia, transphobia, sexual violence and misogyny Today marks the first day of Lesbian Visibility Week 2024. ‘Visibility’ goes beyond merely ‘being seen’ or highlighting a problem, but also the ways in which something is complex or has not been addressed until now. Exploring how gender and queerness intersect

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