May 2022 Newsletter: Borders Bill + New Website Section…

The biggest and most saddening news of the past week has been the passing of the Nationality and Borders Bill into law. It cannot be understated how much harm these laws will inflict on refugees and their communities, as well as slowly eroding the UK’s moral, ethical, and legal obligations to protect those who seek safety in our society and not push that responsibility onto poorer nations. 

So, it’s even more important that we fight this racist law and stand in solidarity with refugees and migrants: those already part of our communities, and those who are yet to arrive. We will commit to challenging these heinous immigration policies and support others who will also be doing the same. More specifically, we will be watching how “deprivation of citizenship without notice” will be implemented, and how the safeguards that were negotiated will be respected.

Fizza Qureshi, CEO of MRN

Click here to read more of May’s newsletter including: our new website section + #WordsMatter campaign, upcoming events, and recent sector vacancies. And do keep an eye on our Twitter feed (@migrants_rights) for all the latest developments.

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