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6 July 2022

July 2022 Newsletter: #Deals4Deportations + Who is Welcome: EU Citizens of Colour

Deals For Deportations

“While Rwanda is fresh in the minds of many, this government is unleashing more fear on migrants in the UK through cosigning further ‘migration partnerships’. On 4 July, Priti Patel signed a new deal with Nigeria to speed up deportations and tackle so-called ‘illegal immigration’, and rubber stamped this by deporting 13 Nigerian migrants. This latest deal is an indication of a government strategy to pursue ‘deals for deportations’. It made a similar agreement with India last year, and is now in the process of creating a ‘league table of nations‘ based on how cooperative they are on accepting deportations, and threatening their nationals with visa delays and increased fees if they fail to agree. 

Bullying countries, penalising their nationals through visa delays and using financial incentives is particularly vulgar, but we cannot in all honesty expect anything different from a government that brought in the Nationality and Borders Act, and the Hostile Environment. The UK offering money to ‘poorer’ countries to effectively outsource its refugee protection obligations, establish its capitalist interests and unburden itself of demonised ‘illegal’ migrants, most often from racialised communities, shows 21st century imperialism is alive and well.”

-Statement by MRN

Event Series Announcement: ‘Who is Welcome?

Join Migrants’ Rights Network + Migrants at Work for the second installment in our ‘Who Is Welcome?’ event series, addressing how the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) is failing EU Citizens of Colour + their family members.

This is an opportunity for people of Colour with lived experience of the EUSS to share their stories + experiences.

For more info + to book tickets: click here.

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