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8 November 2022

November 2022 Newsletter: IAM2022

IAM2022, WordsMatter + Know Your Rights 

In this newsletter, we will be reflecting on Islamophobia Awareness Month. We will be drawing on the thought-provoking discussions from our most recent Who Is Welcome event to analyse how Islamophobia and immigration intersect. Follow us on Twitter for more reflections + posts as the month progresses. # IAM2022

Our Words Matter campaign debunks harmful language surrounding migration. In the current moment, it is as imperative as ever to defy these dangerous narratives. Read on below to find out more & how you can support by pledging & helping us to create a display to celebrate International Migrants Day.

We also include information about our Know Your Rights Guide, and how we are amplifying this resource across Facebook and Tik Tok.

Finally, as Trustee Week gets underway, we wanted to express our immense gratitude to all of MRN’s trustees, and to take a moment to appreciate all their hard work that has been integral to our charity.

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