November 2022

Joint letter: protecting the rights of modern slavery victims

MRN has written a joint letter on protecting the rights of modern slavery victims, in partnership with Migrants at Work, Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID), Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX) and the UK BME Anti-Slavery Network (BASNET). To read the letter in full, click here.

Consultation into the Impact of Family Migration Laws

Our consultation highlights the implications of migration policies on families with particular emphasis on the emotional impact. In compiling this response, we have incorporated the stories of ADR campaigners with lived experience of engaging with the policies, and restrictions, brought about by family migration rules. We conclude that existing ADR visa rules are incredibly restrictive

Comment from MRN CEO on the UK-France Migration Deal

“The news announcing the agreement between the UK and France comes as no great surprise, but is nonetheless no less worrying. The seemingly increased militarisation of the Channel through drones and patrols raises questions about the welfare of those seeking safety. It is completely wrong to criminalise people for seeking safety when the UK government

What role does Islamophobia play in migration discourse?

In late September 2022, MRN and MEND hosted an event as part of our ‘Who is Welcome?’ series, which examined the role of Islamophobia in shaping attitudes towards migration in the West. November is Islamophobia Awareness Month and we want to use this as an opportunity to draw attention to ongoing harmful attitudes and narratives

November 2022 Newsletter: IAM2022

IAM2022, WordsMatter + Know Your Rights  In this newsletter, we will be reflecting on Islamophobia Awareness Month. We will be drawing on the thought-provoking discussions from our most recent Who Is Welcome event to analyse how Islamophobia and immigration intersect. Follow us on Twitter for more reflections + posts as the month progresses. # IAM2022 Our Words Matter campaign debunks harmful

Words Matter: Defy the narrative

It is time to end the harmful and divisive rhetoric around refugees and migrants. Read our open letter asking for the Home Secretary to withdraw her comments and apologise. We are also calling on the charity sector, activists and community groups to join us in calling for an end to the alienating and divisive narrative

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