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17 November 2022

Consultation into the Impact of Family Migration Laws

Our consultation highlights the implications of migration policies on families with particular emphasis on the emotional impact. In compiling this response, we have incorporated the stories of ADR campaigners with lived experience of engaging with the policies, and restrictions, brought about by family migration rules.

We conclude that existing ADR visa rules are incredibly restrictive and have a significant detrimental impact on families in the UK and abroad. In partnership with MRN, the ADR campaigners are calling for an immediate review of the visa route and modifications to current rules. Moreover, it is unnecessarily cruel and unjust to separate individuals residing in the UK from sick and vulnerable family members, many of whom are isolated with no access to care. If the UK is to uphold any remnants of respect for family life, the ADR route must be accessible.

To read the consultation in full, click here.