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MRN comment on Priti Patel’s appointment

Jilna Shah, the co-CEO for Migrants’ Rights Network, also expressed concern over Patel’s appointment. Jilna Shah wants the current immigration policies to be “completely and radically overhauled” “At a time where the UK’s inhumane, racist and discriminatory immigration system has never been so much in the spotlight, since Windrush, the appointment of a minister with […]

MRN’s London Network talks Intersectionality and Migrants’ Rights

Mumbi Nkonde It’s thirty years since Kimberle Crenshaw theorised the concept of Intersectionality. On this anniversary, she has been holding discussions to reflect on the theory in practise and ask  “what is intersectionality, exactly, and how do we square some of the myths with the many ways that people use intersectionality to experience life, understand

BME Women’s Community Leadership Programme

The Real Change Collective (RCC) is a newly established partnership between six organisations: Arhag Housing Association Praxis Community Projects Doctors of the World Olmec Iranian & Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO) Migrants’ Rights Network (MRN) RCC have created a project to support Black and ‘Minority Ethnic’ (BME) women and girls across England. RCC ensure that

Announcing exciting staff changes at MRN

Fizza Qureshi has returned from leave (welcome back Fizza!). Moving forwards, Fizza and Jilna Shah (who has been covering Fizza’s leave) will be sharing the CEO role. We are excited about the breadth of experience that both bring to the role and we look forward to continuing to coordinate and strengthen the work of our

No deal Brexit and race

Brexit will happen by default (and law) on 29 March 2019. At the time of writing it is looking unlikely that the government’s Withdrawal Bill will be passed by parliament, and the prospect of a no deal Brexit looks an increasingly likely scenario. ‘No deal’? No deal Brexit really means that there is no law

MRN’s Initial Analysis of the Immigration White paper

Home Office white paper shows us where the battles for rights-based immigration policies will be fought in the future. The government’s long-awaited white paper on future immigration, finally made available in the days before Christmas, contained very few surprises. The headline idea – that a single system facilitating the recruitment of migrant workers would operate

UK government indicted in People’s Tribunal – call for evidence

MRN co-organising an evidence Hearing of the People’s Permanent Tribunal (PPT), specifically on the “Violations with Impunity of the Human Rights of Migrant and Refugee Peoples.” The London hearing, which follows similar events in Barcelona, Palermo and Paris, will take place on the 3 and 4 of November at Friends House. The PPT on Migrant

“No longer the silent community”: Resisting violent raids in Chinatown

by JILNA SHAH Immigration raids, or the continuing hostile environment Despite a supposed ‘pause’ in the government’s hostile environment agenda, in the wake of the Windrush scandal, much of its discriminatory processes and procedures remain in place. The notorious Right to Work checks are still mandatory, and heavy-handed immigration raids, which have long been used

Editorial – Go Home Vans – Five Years on….

Today (Sunday 22nd July),  marks the fifith  anniversary of the roll out of Operation Valken (Go Home Vans) on the streets of London. The Go Home vans have come to epitomise the ‘hostile environment’. Back then in 2013, I was CEO of RAMFEL, the organisation along with Deighton Pierce Glynn, that took head on the

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