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The scars of colonialism

“Do we still need to talk about colonialism in this day and age? Hasn’t it become a relic of the past, something to leave behind as we focus on the present?” These questions often come up as a response to anti-colonial sentiments, urging us, migrants from colonies, to leave the past behind and focus on […]

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Commodification of racialised people through immigration systems

Decolonisation means we must interrogate not only the role of colonialism in borders, but also the relationship of colonisation and capitalism. Border regimes are where race, nationality and capitalism meet: they cement Global North/South apartheid and broker deals based on moving and restricting racialised bodies between territories. Border and immigration structures are a mechanism to

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‘Never again’ means never again

Nick Sigler, Trustee at MRN, remembers his grandparents on Holocaust Memorial Day 2024, and reflects on why ‘never again’ matters today more than ever. I have a sheaf of letters written by my grandparents, Hedwig and Arthur Sigler, from wartime Nazi Germany to my father who had escaped to England on the Kindertransport. As I

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Reformism upholds White supremacy

Yes, you read that right.  We often talk about policy change, and the importance of this in making a difference. However, when we are influencing policy, we often do this by tweaking existing policies to make them a little less harmful to some people. This is reform. When we reform or tweak a policy or

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