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8 August 2019

MRN comment on Priti Patel’s appointment

Jilna Shah, the co-CEO for Migrants’ Rights Network, also expressed concern over Patel’s appointment.

Jilna Shah wants the current immigration policies to be “completely and radically overhauled”

“At a time where the UK’s inhumane, racist and discriminatory immigration system has never been so much in the spotlight, since Windrush, the appointment of a minister with such a brazen approach to human rights is alarming,” Shah told Eastern Eye, noting Patel’s voting record in parliament where she supported May’s hostile environment for migrants.

Shah said Migrants’ Rights Network was suggesting that the immigration system be “completely and radically overhauled”, with new policies and practices that treat
migrants with respect and dignity.

She added: “A good start would be to put a genuine end to the hostile environment, not just a cosmetic name change, and to enact Boris’ murmurings for an amnesty for undocumented migrants.”

Read the article here: https://www.easterneye.biz/activist-groups-urge-priti-pate…/