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17 July 2019

Working Across the Lines

Working Across the Lines is a scoping initiative by Voice4Change England and Migrants’ Rights Network. It explores how advocates, activists and others in race equality, migrants’ rights, and refugee and faith causes can connect struggles, stand together, work towards more equitable sharing of power and resources, and resist the politics of prejudice.

The scoping work has revealed an unmet demand for connection among a cohort working for justice along differently racialised and minoritised lines. The work has also shown, through case studies, the possibilities of joint work across racialised and minoritised populations – for example in family campaigns after deaths of relatives at the hands of the state.

This report makes the case for working across the lines to counter the prevailing politics of prejudice by investing in a politics of connection. This would link the struggles of racialised and minoritised populations to better enable groups to stand up for one another and to create a climate for equity and belonging for all.

Download the report here: Working Across the Lines Report