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20 August 2019

MRN’s comment on international students heading to France

Fizza Qureshi, co-chief executive officer of the Migrants Rights Network charity, told Eastern Eye: “We have seen a slow but clear progression of an unfavourable and hostile environment for international students in the UK.

“It started in 2012 with the closure of the post-study work visa route. Then in 2014, a significant number of international students were accused of cheating in English language tests, ultimately leading to many being deported or left in limbo in the UK without jobs or access to healthcare.

“On top of this, we have the ‘hostile environment’ being actively practised in our educational institutions because they are mandated to enforce the immigration rules and police all international students.”

Qureshi added: “We know that international students boost our economy and institutions. Overtime we have seen they consistently enhance the UK landscape.

This continues when they return to their homeland where they build their infrastructure there.

“With Brexit looming, the government needs to urgently consider how it can make the UK a more welcoming place for international students, otherwise we continue to see them seeking to study in other countries.”

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