Highest recorded number of suicides in detention last year

Close to 500 people tried to kill themselves in detention last year – the highest recorded number since the government started keep self-harm statistics in 2007. The newest records, obtained by advocacy group No Deportations, revealed that there were 446 suicide attempts. This horrific statistic joins a long list illustrating the UK’s dysfunctional detention system, […]

Roma, Gypsy and Traveller discrimination in Europe

Roma, gypsy and traveller communities have long been a target of systematic discrimination and marginalisation in Europe. Government agencies across countries – including the UK – practice ethnic profiling of this group based on “historically-constructed, persistent complex racism,” according to the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), in a report to raise awareness on this situation.

London gangs database is discriminatory and violates human rights

The gang-mapping database used by the London Metropolitan Police racially discriminates against BAME youth and seriously violates rights of individuals. Amnesty International published a damning report of the so-called Gangs Matrix last week, which calls for the whole system to be scrapped. The system, set up in 2011, is not only ineffective in preventing crime

Community Life Survey: Focus on Diversity

The publication highlights some of the key measures collected through the 2016/17 Community Life Survey and compares responses between various demographic groups. The survey is helpful for those looking for more information on how ‘cohesion’ works. It also dispels some long-held myths around ‘integration’. Key highlights: Older people were more likely than younger people to

Who’s coming to London?

According to a new briefing by the Centre for London, National Insurance Number (NIN) registrations by people coming to London from overseas to work dropped over a quarter in the year to the last three months of 2017. NIN registrations continue to drop in London and the pace appears to be accelerating. There were a

Imagining a world without borders

by JILNA SHAH “Imagine that Martin Luther King never had a dream. Imagine that instead of thinking outside of the narrow confines of his time and place, he resolved to work only within them. Imagine then that he had risen to the steps of the Lincoln Monument and announced a 5-point plan, one he thought

An APPG meeting for the ages

by RITA CHADHA Last week’s Runnymede APPG meeting on Race and Community was without doubt one of the best Parliamentary meetings in recent memory. It brought together Windrush-generation veterans, ‘told you so’ activists, lawyers, and angry and bewildered parliamentarians. David Lammy MP opened with an impassioned address, with all the fire and zeal of a

‘Highly skilled’ migrants face deportation over tax mistake

#HomeOfficeAtax  is a new campaign launched by a collective of 400+ migrants who have been refused the right to settle in the UK because of tax discrepancies. In all cases, the discrepancies have been found to be genuine and honest errors, and are of little material significance. However the tax discrepancies are being used to

Understanding ‘Windrush’ – Expert briefing

The APPG on Migration has published an expert briefing on the Windrush issue, providing legal and historical background to recent headlines. UK residents who arrived in the UK before 1973 and who have a legitimate right to live in the UK have been caught up in the ‘hostile environment’ created by the 2014 and 2016

50% of asylum decisions overturned on appeals

Figures released last month show that nearly half of initial asylum decisions by the Home Office are later overturned through the appeals process. The number of appeals being upheld has increased over the last three years. This has prompted the Law Society to issue a strongly-worded statement claiming that the current system “undermines the rule

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