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27 December 2021

End of 2021 Newsletter

This past year has been hard for everyone, but none more so than the marginalised and minoritised communities in the UK, many of whom are migrants. We couldn’t have helped these communities without our supporters and funders. Thank you so much for standing with us to fight for the rights of migrants.

Part of our work this year has been fighting against the criminalisation of migrant communities like the Highly Skilled Migrants Group (HSMG), who the Home Office decided were of ‘bad character’ for discrepancies found in their self-assessment tax returns 6-10 years ago. Since 2016, these disproportionate decisions have had a disastrous impact on the HSMs and their families’ lives, pushing many, including children, into destitution and leaving many without basic rights. BBC 2’s Newsnight, in conjunction with MRN, covered their story, which you can watch here.

To empower these and other migrant communities to cope with the harsh policies of the ‘Hostile Environment’, we have been running support and advocacy programmes, and adapted our migrant leadership programme & ‘Know Your Rights’ workshops to be delivered successfully online. 

To continue to work with migrant communities and their families. We need your help

We have explored migrants’ rights, covered the history of the ‘hostile environment’ and introduced them to campaigning. Learning about grassroots leadership; storytelling, parliamentary engagement and community care enabled them to connect with others going through the same issues. With over 60 participants, by far the most successful part of the programme was the focus on rights and campaigning.

 “The programme inspired me to keep advocating on issues that affect my community. I appreciated that the programme was free and accessible for everyone.”  

 We know times are very hard for everyone right now, but to continue to work with migrant communities, migrants and their families and fight for their rights, we need your support. Please consider making a small donation today.

Thank you from everyone at the Migrants’ Rights Network