End of 2021 Newsletter

This past year has been hard for everyone, but none more so than the marginalised and minoritised communities in the UK, many of whom are migrants. We couldn’t have helped these communities without our supporters and funders. Thank you so much for standing with us to fight for the rights of migrants. Part of our […]

Migrant Aspiration Programme (MAP)

What is MAP? The Migrant Aspiration Programme (MAP) is a FREE 4 months online training course created for anyone who has lived experience of migration and the hostile environment. MAP is for people who are looking to lead and make a difference in their community. They do not need to have experience of leadership or

December 2021 Newsletter – Dark days for migrants and refugee rights ahead

The tragedy of the 27 people that died navigating the treacherous channel crossing was etched in our minds as we reflected on writing this piece. The UK Government’s response to such a needless loss of life made clear that they are neither genuine nor committed to ensuring people are able to seek safety and sanctuary

November 2021 Newsletter – Migrant Data Rights – A Government Misdirection

A public consultation ‘Data: A New Direction’ was launched last month with immense changes proposed that will undoubtedly undermine equal opportunities and lead to further discrimination for migrants. We are currently working on our consultation response to highlight how harmful we believe these proposals to be.  First and foremost, the new plans propose to impose

ICIBI submission of the immigration system in relation to higher education

Submission by Migrants’ Rights Network to ICIBI Call for evidence: An inspection of the immigration system as it relates to the higher education sector- November 2021 This evidence submission addresses the areas of: the impact of the ‘hostile environment’ and immigration policies on tier 4 international students, and the consequences of Covid-19 on their studies

Survey: Impact of the hostile environment on tier 4 international students

MRN with Unis Resist Border Controls has launched a survey to understand the impact of the hostile environment on tier 4 international students in the UK. We are keen to gather information on international students that have been threatened with removal from their course, and subsequently reported to the Home Office. We intend to use

Local Authorities – supporting migrant communities during the pandemic

On March 20th 2020 we and over fifty other organisations wrote to the local authorities asking for urgent steps be taken to protect and support vulnerable migrants, particularly those with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) and those experiencing or at risk of homelessness, during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In our follow-up letter on 14

Celebrating Black History Month

 It’s October and the month to pay special attention to the UK’s Black History. Whilst we want it to be a celebratory moment and one where we learn from the Black communities, we do want to share a more sombre point with regards to those still affected by the Windrush Compensation Scheme. There are still many

October 2021 Newsletter- Short fixes for a crisis

Can a crisis be solved by short-term visa’s? In a case of déjà vu, the government announced its emergency visa/short-term visa scheme. This time the plan is to recruit migrant workers to drive our trucks- putting fuel in our cars and food on our table. If urging migrants to come and work in the UK

Seeking graphic designer

We are looking for individuals or agencies to create graphics/illustrations for our Know Your Rights guide. We may have an interest in producing other digital media as well, such as short videos. For an initial discussion and to receive a full briefing, please email [email protected] with samples of your work. 

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