International Day Against Fascism + Antisemitism

Content warning- Antisemitic violence.

9 November marks the anniversary of the 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom, where the Nazis brutally killed and injured Jewish people, destroyed over 8000 Jewish homes and businesses, and rounded up 30,000 Jewish men to send to concentration camps.

With the rise of far-right, fascist and neo-Nazi groups across Europe, we cannot afford to be indifferent. Indifference legitimises hatred, dehumanisation and eventually, can even pave the way for genocide.

This International Day Against Fascism + Antisemitism, we stand firmly against hatred in all its forms. We want to honour the legacy of Jewish-led anti-fascist groups, most notably at the Battle of Cable Street (1936) and in the post-war 43 Group. And we see their legacy in those who continue to fight against the far-right and fascists who intimidate and threaten refugees.

Antisemitism, racism and other forms of oppression are on the rise in the UK, and so the struggle against fascism is as important as ever. At a time when migrants and other marginalised groups are facing a sharp increase in hate, scapegoating, hostility and violence, we must stand resolutely against indifference.

At MRN, we are committed to embedding anti-oppression in our work. We recognise that all struggles are interconnected. Justice for one cannot be achieved without justice for all.

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