We condemn genocide

At MRN it is our belief that everyone should be free to move. But it is also our belief that no-one should be forced to do so.

This month, we have shared statements in solidarity with the people of Palestine, Armenia, Congo and Sudan. No-one should be forced to move to escape settler-colonial violence, ethnic cleansing or genocide. No-one should be forced to chose between displacement and death.

We have also been incredibly busy with celebrating Black History Month. We have shared a quote series on themes of Whiteness, divide and rule, imagination and abolition, as well as some personal stories from members of our Network on the importance of Black History Month.

In this newsletter you will also find new Words Matter content, including a blog on the West’s desensitisation to Global Majority suffering, as part of our Images Matter campaign.

Our community has also shared their personal stories. We have a piece on reclaiming the language of “Turkish seed”. We have also been fortunate to be able to share a personal essay penned by an asylum seeker in our Network on his fears of being moved onto the Bibby Stockholm.

This month, we have been analysing further how labour exploitation manifests through state sponsorship schemes, and have launched a campaign to highlight ‘State-Enabled Modern Slavery’.

Finally, with the theme of this year’s Islamophobia Awareness Month being Muslim Stories, we invite you to share your stories with us about your experiences of being Muslim migrants in the UK. Find out how to get in touch below.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

In solidarity,

The MRN team

To read this month’s newsletter in full, click here.

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