October 2023

Palestine Statement

The Migrants’ Rights Network condemns ongoing settler-colonialism, genocide, violence and ethnic cleansing. We firmly believe that no one should be subjected to violence nor forced to choose between displacement and death.  We must condemn forced displacement in all its forms across the world. While we call for safe routes, we also firmly believe that no

Right to Work Checks + Immigration Raids

Immigration raids incite fear in migrant and migratised communities, while right to work guidance is causing confusion amongst employers. Through both our Hostile Office and Challenge the Checks campaigns, we are looking at how different aspects of legislation such as employment, digital and immigration law clash to create misery for migrant workers.  The Government signalled

MAP: Second Workshop

On the second day of the workshops, which took place on October 21, 2023, our participants had the privilege of learning from two remarkable speakers, Marzia Babakarkhail and Lara Parizotto, who shared their experiences and wisdom, guiding our fellows towards impactful leadership and personal aspiration. Marzia Babakarkhail, a former Supreme Court Judge from Afghanistan and

Statement on MP Jill Mortimer’s comments

We are appalled at Jill Mortimer MP’s recent comments at PMQs, in which she demonised asylum seekers as “illegal”, claimed her office was being “besieged” by young men, and then called for asylum seekers to be “expelled”.  This language is a direct result of the normalisation of dehumanising racist and anti-migrant narratives across our society.

Written evidence into the Inhumane Migration Act published by Parliament

The Joint Committee on Human Rights published evidence submitted by Migrants’ Rights Network, Migrants at Work and asylum seekers in Home Office accommodation into the impact of the Inhumane Migration Bill (now Act). Our evidence covered safe routes, removal to a third country and the impact of the legislation on modern slavery victims. MRN has

Written evidence into human trafficking published by Parliament

Evidence submitted by the Migrants’ Rights Network and Migrants at Work into human trafficking has been published by the Home Affairs Select Committee. Current approaches to tackling human trafficking focus on the symptom rather than the cause. Our evidence focused on the root causes of trafficking and how the UK visa sponsorship system enables the

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