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25 October 2023

Palestine Statement

The Migrants’ Rights Network condemns ongoing settler-colonialism, genocide, violence and ethnic cleansing. We firmly believe that no one should be subjected to violence nor forced to choose between displacement and death. 

We must condemn forced displacement in all its forms across the world. While we call for safe routes, we also firmly believe that no one should be forced to move, especially if it means they will face permanent displacement. No one should have to experience bombing, imperialist land theft or oppression. 

For decades, dehumanising and racist depictions of people from the Global South, including Arabs, have desensitised Westerners to the violence against them. It has enabled genocide and the forcible creation of refugees. This means that violence towards White Ukrainians is seen as exceptional while we do not extend the same empathy to people from the Global Majority.

While we support an immediate ceasefire to avert the loss of more life in Israel and Palestine, we also call for actions which stop this catastrophic crisis and decades-long settler colonialism for good. 

End violence. End Antisemitism. End Islamophobia. End ethnic cleansing. Free Palestine.