July 2023

Statement: citizenship deprivation + the “good character” requirement

Today, the Home Secretary announced new rules will come into force around deprivation of citizenship based on the “good character” requirement.    We are shocked at the proposed changes to deny citizenship to anyone that has a criminal sentence of 12 months, which means that many more will be denied their social and political rights.  We […]

Inhumane Migration Bill: Open Letter

Yesterday, the inhumane Migration Bill became law. This cruel legislation will have a devastating impact on migrants and refugees. That’s why we’ve joined our friends at Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, Women for Refugee Women, Just Right Scotland, Scottish Refugee Council, After Exploitation, City of Sanctuary, Refugee & Migrant Forum of Essex &

Trade Unions + Migrant Organisations’ Statement

As trade unions and migrant organisations, we stand against this Government’s attempts to pit worker against worker. We know that an injury to one is an injury to all. All workers deserve decent pay, safe working conditions and protections if our bosses seek to take advantage of us. Public sector workers deserve pay rises, but

South Asian Heritage Month

This South Asian Heritage Month, we are celebrating the resilience and beauty of South Asian cultures and identities. But it is also necessary to spotlight the experiences of the most marginalised South Asian communities: such as darker-skinned South Asians, Black South Asians, Tamils, Muslims, queer South Asians, and South Asians from lower castes. South Asian

The inhumane and cruel Migration Bill is set to become law.

The inhumane Migration Bill is set to become UK law. The day we have been dreading has finally arrived and marks another dark day in our history. The UK Government now has the power to criminalise people seeking safety. We have firmly closed the door on our protection obligations. But the fight isn’t over. We

The gender binary is white supremacy

Being non-binary is about embracing my fluidity, my becoming, my journey without fixed destination. Alok V Menon We have previously spoken about how migrants, trans+ and non-binary people are all being scapegoated by the Government and society in order to distract from policy failures and austerity. An environment of hatred and hostility towards trans+ and

Disability Pride Month

Pride is a concept that has been embraced by multiple marginalised groups as a vehicle of celebration and resistance.

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