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5 July 2023

Abolish the Hostile Office!

July 2023 Newsletter

Dear supporters,

As migrants and refugees continue to be scapegoated and vilified, your solidarity is more important than ever.

Over the past month, we have been incredibly busy with Refugee Week and Pride Month. We have written a blog spotlighting forgotten refugees, and have reflected on what solidarity with refugees actually means. We have also written about how Pride and LGBTQ+ rights have been co-opted by State and capitalist agendas, and how the scapegoating of queer people is linked to the scapegoating Muslims and migrants face. We must remember our struggles are all intertwined, and that we cannot be liberated without each other.

This month, we have also launched our Hostile Office campaign. We have already reflected on many of the ways that migrants are harmed by this inherently racist and colonial institution, and we look forward to developing this campaign as the year progresses. We have also included a call out for responses to our survey on Islamophobia in the asylum system.

The Government’s abhorrent scapegoating of refugees must end. We demand safe routes and accommodation now, and stand against the Government’s hateful policies. We stand in solidarity with all migrants and refugees, and we ask that you do the same.

Stand in solidarity

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