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18 July 2023

The inhumane and cruel Migration Bill is set to become law.

The inhumane Migration Bill is set to become UK law.

The day we have been dreading has finally arrived and marks another dark day in our history. The UK Government now has the power to criminalise people seeking safety. We have firmly closed the door on our protection obligations.

But the fight isn’t over. We must continue to stand in solidarity with migrants, including refugees, to challenge racist and divisive immigration policies.

No one is illegal. No one should be punished for how they came to the UK. Around the world, people continue to flee the effects of climate change and Western intervention. It is our duty to help those fleeing the legacies of colonialism that our Governments have created.

How can you help?

● Sign our open letter against this cruel piece of legislation.

● Continue to distribute our Know Your Rights Guide. This resource is a lifeline for anyone wanting to understand their rights at this terrifying time.

● Sign our #WordsMatter pledge to say no to hatred against migrants and refugees, and email your MP to do the same.

● Sign our petition against the Government’s plans to put asylum seekers in unsuitable and dangerous accommodation.

Donate to help us continue the fight against this Government’s anti-migrant hatred.