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1 May 2018

No recourse to public funds – The fightback begins

On Tuesday, NELMA and the Unity Project (supported by MRN) co-hosted a meeting with a wide range of stakeholders concerned about No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF). The meeting was packed to the rim with people who have suffered and are suffering currently as a result of the NRPF condition, along with support organisations, legal advisors and academics.

The meeting was ground-breaking in that it found unanimity across all stakeholders for broadening our understanding beyond individuals with the NRPF, to include those who are undocumented and so would not have access to welfare benefits or housing support.

In these precarious times for all migrants, the collective determination was to see an end to NRPF, but groups were realistic about the steps needed to get there.

A number of working groups arose from the main discussion, with people looking at:

1) the impact on children and young people’s attainment and progression in the education system

2) the impact on lone female parents

3) institutional racism that fuels NRPF

4) the use of labelling language.

Whilst the most notable aspects of the hostile environment, as defined by the 2014 Immigration Act, are gaining attention through the review and campaign against it, it is important that the business as usual approach to NRPF is simultaneously challenged.

The group agreed to meet again – contact NELMA or Jilna at MRN ([email protected]) for further information.