May 1, 2018

Who is immigration policy for? New report sheds light on the media-politics of UK’s immigration regime

Non-profit cooperative Corporate Watch published a new report examining what drives UK’s hostile environment policies. Titled “Who is immigration policy for?” (linked to the full report; a summary is also available), the report dissects the rationale behind the current migrant-hostile policies, which could be traced back to before Theresa May’s administration, to being part of […]

Homing in on Humanity

by RITA CHADHA Much has been made of Sajid Javid being the first ethnic/black Home Secretary. Indeed, his appointment – aside from providing a symbolic U-turn from the Windrush cul-de-sac the government finds itself down – is hugely significant, as it provides a fresh canvas upon which to draw new, humane immigration policy. In theory,

Poland, Polarisation and the Diaspora Community in the UK – Faith Matters

The event Poland, Polarisation and the Diaspora Community in the UK was rich in academic critique and lived experience. What was surprising, and maybe, upon reflection, also refreshing, was to hear and see a community and history being discussed without reference to its immigration status. But as the conference drew on, it was noticeable that

No recourse to public funds – The fightback begins

On Tuesday, NELMA and the Unity Project (supported by MRN) co-hosted a meeting with a wide range of stakeholders concerned about No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF). The meeting was packed to the rim with people who have suffered and are suffering currently as a result of the NRPF condition, along with support organisations, legal

First they came for… Protecting civil society

There was a buzz of activity at PICUM’s General Assembly two weeks ago, with key discussions including possible threats to civil society and how to cope with the hostile realities of European Governments’ dogged opposition to migration. The Hungarian situation The situation in Hungary is one of the most alarming. Civil society organisations are facing

Home Office faces court action over asylum-seeking children

The British government will face legal action on Wednesday (May 2) over extensive delays in child asylum cases, amid mounting criticism of the way the Home Office is dealing with thousands of unaccompanied minors in the UK. Lawyers and mental health experts are warning that child survivors of rape, torture and trafficking are suffering mental

Early Day Motion 1182: Independent Review of Home Office Immigration Policy and Practice

No one should underestimate the potential for change offered by the #Windrush scandal. The call for an Independent Review of Immigration Policy and Practice is a win-win situation. The hostile environment is no longer in anyone’s interest. JCWI and partners’ call for an Independent Review of Home Office Immigration Policy and Practice is hugely significant,

Calls for future EU funds to ensure protection and integration of children in migration

In the beginning of May, the European Commission will publish its Communication for the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). The initial plans of the European Commission indicate potential changes to a range of financial instruments that have an impact on the protection and integration of children in migration, including the transfer of the budget for

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