March 9, 2017

MRN’s Briefing on Legal Aid Changes

March 2011 The proposed changes to legal aid and what they could mean for migrants’ access to justice. Download here: MRN Legal Aid Briefing- 2011

Values, Trust, Loss: The dubious case of migration and the ‘progressive dilemma’

A review of the thoughts of David Goodhart on migration by Don Flynn David Goodhart’s ‘British Dream’ was long in gestation, with rumours of a magnum opus in preparation circulating soon after he entered the lists as a left-ish critic of immigration back in the mid-noughties. Download here Review of David Goodhart Book- British Dream

Activity Report 2014-15

This annual report covers the work for the period between 2014-2015. We hope you will enjoy reading it and we invite you to get in touch if you would like to support our work in the future. Download the MRN Activity Report 2014-15

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