Think Global, Act Global: Event

We are delighted to have co-organised and be speaking at the Think Global Act Global Event, taking place at Birkbeck on Saturday 23 March 2024, from 10.30am-6pm.

Free markets were once sold as the route to global prosperity but now that spell is broken. Yet, the contours of the new system in formation are uncertain and the role of progressives complicated. The future we face is full of dangers as well as opportunities. Environmental disasters are unfolding in front of our eyes. In too many places it is the far right – threatening a new age of calamity and war – that are seizing the initiative.

In the resistance to these dangers a vibrant internationalism is forming for these new times. 2024 may mark a major turning point for this tumultuous new era. Two billion people go to the polls. The choice in most of these contests is stark. Global democracy is in genuine peril.

So what do we do? How do we make sense of – and respond to – the dramatic changes that are unfolding? What does internationalism in these new times look like? How do we need to change? And what practical steps should we take? THINK GLOBAL ACT GLOBAL will bring together activists, practitioners and thinkers from around the world to work together on finding answers to these questions. It is a process, not just an event. It is about building a movement of hope for new times.

This one-day gathering is co-organised by:

Another Europe is Possible, Global Justice Now, Stop Trump Coalition, Migrants’ Rights Network, Compass, European Alternatives and Foreign Policy in Focus.

MRN will also be co-delivering a workshop with Regularise around decolonisation, migration and bordering. 

To book tickets, and for more info on location and speakers, click here.

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