Genocide Memorial Day 2024

The Nakba. The Genocide in Yemen. The Genocide in Artsakh. The Genocide in Darfur. The Genocide of the Indigenous People of America, Australia and Canada. The Tamil Genocide. The Tigrayan Genocide. The Genocide in Congo. The Holocaust. The Rwandan Genocide. The Bosnian Genocide. The Armenian Genocide. The Genocides against Assyrians and Kurds. And countless others. Why are the lessons of history being ignored?

On this day, we commemorate the lives lost to genocide, and the lives and communities forever affected it. We call for an end to genocide and settler-colonialism against all Indigenous peoples. As genocides continue to unfold across the world, we stand in solidarity with all communities decimated by it, and with all those resisting.

We know that genocide starts from dehumanisation, and from the idea that a group of people deserve to be eliminated by virtue of their identity, be it religious, ethnic or otherwise. We must all collectively take a stand against demonising and dehumanising language, narratives and ideologies that promote ethnic cleansing and genocide.

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