Why are you here?

Date: 25 January 2024, 6-9pm

Venue: Event Space @ Pelican House, 138-148 Cambridge Heath Road, London E1 5QJ

Join MRN and the Decolonial Centre to discuss colonialism, its influence on our migration patterns, and what anti-colonial politics can do to unite migrant communities against oppression.  

We invite communities with personal histories and experiences of colonialism to: 

  • Discuss how colonialism has shaped migration patterns today
  • Describe what colonialism has historically been and what it looks like now
  • Reflect on their or their country of origin’s anti-colonial histories
  • Try and imagine how we can build upon anti-colonial legacies to build bridges between communities

This is a free in-person event with a limited capacity of 30 guests. To register for your ticket, click here.

Food will also be provided.

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