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23 September 2023

MAP: First Workshop

The Migrants’ Aspiration Programme returned for 2023 to empower the new arrivals of BN(O) visa holders from Hong Kong. Thanks to the new Hong Kong Community Fund supported by the Greater London Authority and Groundwork, about 30 fellows in London joined the programme, and gave an overall rating of  8 out of 10 for the first day of this programme.

On Day 1 of the workshops held on September 23, 2023, Abdul Mohamud, a doctoral research fellow at University College London, delivered an engaging presentation introducing the history of UK immigration. With his extensive experience in education and a focus on diverse histories, Mohamud provided valuable insights into the subject.

Additionally, Ali Torabi, an advocate for social change, shared his inspiring journey as an asylum seeker who later became a prominent figure in the UK’s policy and campaign strategy. His experiences and insights served as a source of motivation for the attendees, encouraging them to actively strive for positive changes in UK society.

Participants expressed a deep appreciation for the communal space provided by the programme, emphasising its important role as a vital bridge connecting newcomers with the broader community. The shared enthusiasm among the fellows for this space reflects their collective eagerness to engage more actively in the UK’s policy-making landscape. Participants said they were excited to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, all united in their pursuit of a better future. The sense of unity among participants underscores the programme’s success in creating a supportive community that goes beyond geographical and cultural boundaries.

Looking ahead, the success of the initial workshops sets a promising tone for the upcoming sessions. We’re excited to see how the programme and participants progress!