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19 September 2023

Statement: seven day notice eviction period

Refugees will now only have seven days notice before being evicted from their asylum support accommodation. 

This “move-on” notice period falls drastically short of allowing refugees the time they need in order to secure alternative accommodation, and subsequently will subject many to houselessness. It makes no sense for our Government to recognise someone’s asylum claim, commit to helping them, and then allow them only seven days to plan for the rest of their lives.

The housing crisis is a product of various Government privatisation policies such as Thatcher’s right to buy scheme, and a capitalist ethos that treats our right to a home as a mere privilege. This crisis impacts all of us and we need radical change in the housing and rental sector in the UK. For migrants, including refugees, navigating this complex and hostile landscape is even more difficult and the Government should not be exacerbating this. 

Housing is a human right, and we believe everyone deserves access to a safe home, irrespective of their migration status. Homelessness is entirely preventable. The Government must ensure that refugees have time to find secure housing, and access the support they need to move on with their lives.