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4 April 2023

RAF Scampton: CEO on Sky News

Our CEO was recently featured on Sky News speaking about the worrying plan to put asylum seekers in RAF Scampton.

Detention centers are the Home Office’s heartless response to people seeking safety. The news regarding Scampton alarming because it is a further criminalisation of people coming to the UK to seek safety, as we saw with Napier Barracks and the Manston processing center.

Instead of the Government engaging NGOs and organisations directly working with people seeking safety, in order to create local compassionate solutions that allow people seeking safety to be welcomed into the community, the Government has chosen to isolate them by putting them in detention centers. These detention centers become a beacon for the far right, as we have seen with the protests outside of hotels, and also act to isolate and severely restrict the liberty of people seeking safety.

Listen to the video below: