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30 March 2023

Statement on inappropriate refugee accommodation

The Government’s plans to put people seeking safety in non-housing accommodation, including offshore accommodation- ships, ferries and barrages- and military accommodation, is deeply alarming.

These are not appropriate nor solutions to hotels. These plans are a cruel way of singling out and othering people seeking safety, making them an even bigger target for hate. Isolating people seeking safety from the wider community will cause a detrimental impact to their physical and mental well-being. 

The only path forward is ensuring that those who risk everything to come to this country are supported with safe housing that meets their needs. We want the Government to work closely with local authorities and supporting organisations to create local solutions with the proper resources. 

Everyone deserves to be part of a community: the Government must support people seeking sanctuary, and enable them to set down roots in their new communities. 

Our CEO Fizza Qureshi was featured on ITV News in reference to the decision to put people seeking safety in non-housing accommodation. See the snippet here.

Our CEO was also featured on Sky News speaking about the worrying plan to put people seeking safety in RAF Scampton. The news regarding Scampton is alarming because it is a further criminalisation of people coming to the UK to seek safety, as we saw with Napier Barracks and the Manston processing center. Click on the video below to watch: