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31 October 2022

Statement from MRN CEO, Fizza Qureshi on the Western Jet Foil facility attack in Dover

We were shocked and saddened by the attack on the immigration centre in Kent yesterday. While we are relieved no refugees were harmed in this brutal attack, we are very concerned about the growing hostility towards refugees and migrants, as well as the abhorrent conditions in which they are being detained. 

Anti-refugee and migrant rhetoric has been increasing in recent years. From far-right groups to our own Government, a hostile narrative and treatment of people seeking safety has become more widespread and acceptable. 

We are now living in a country which boasts that it has a proud history of welcoming refugees while implementing plans to deport them to Rwanda and cramming them into inhumane detention centres. 

All of us, including the Government, politicians and the media have a responsibility to reflect on how we talk about refugees. Remember, your Words Matter.

We are calling on everyone to hold those in power to account. We must send a message to say we will not allow them to scapegoat migratised people nor will we allow them to detain vulnerable people in our name.