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12 April 2022

Know Your Rights- Mental Health

We have launched a new section of the Know Your Rights (KYR) Guide, on Mental Health, following unanimous request from migrants and refugees during its latest focus group. We collaborated with the charity Mind for their expertise in the subject and their extensive network.

The KYR guide aims to help migrants understand and assert their rights in a context where they are being systematically eroded and routinely denied. Our KYR lists options for getting support in England and Wales. We’ve complemented this section with a Mental Health Self Help Guide and are offering support to organisations through our KYR training and campaigning workshop. We have aimed to make this guide comprehensive, informative, and accessible. We have moved away from the dry and hostile language of immigration rules, instead communicating in a way that marks respect and solidarity, in addition to being readable by people for whom English is a second language.

Kerry McLeod, Head of Information Content at Mind, said: “We’re really pleased to have worked with the Migrants’ Rights Network on this information. When we’re struggling with our mental health it can be difficult to know where and how to seek help. And this can be even more confusing when we’re trying to navigate a complex immigration system and understand what our rights are. We hope this information will go some way in helping people to know what they’re entitled to and get the support they deserve. But we know there’s a lot more to do – find out about our work campaigning for better support for everyone experiencing a mental health problem.

For more information contact Katia Widlak at [email protected]