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11 June 2021

No Palantir In Our NHS!

3rd June 5pm

EVENT! – 3rd June 2021 – Say #NoPalantir in our NHS!

Are you free at 5pm on Thursday 3rd June? Migrants’ Rights Network is joining over 50 organisations in a new campaign to get US security tech corporation Palantir out of the NHS. You are invited to the No Palantir in Our NHS campaign launch event – please click here to get your ticket.

Palantir is one of the most controversial tech companies in the world – and it’s now in our health service. Founded by a Trump-backing Silicon Valley billionaire (Peter Thiel) and originally funded by the CIA, Palantir’s original customers were the security services, border forces, and police.

Palantir now seeks to profit from running the NHS’s data infrastructure. Under cover of the pandemic, it won a secret no-bid contract with our NHS. Now it is working to convert that temporary contract to a permanent one, and is betting that the British people won’t notice or resist.

The No Palantir in our NHS campaign is being led by an organisation called Foxglove. They’ve been challenging Palantir’s involvement in the NHS through a series of legal challenges. But now Migrants’ Rights Network, and 50 others, are joining the coalition, to step up the campaign and force Palantir out of the NHS, for good.

If you can join us at the event, you’ll be one of the first to hear the plan. You’ll get to hear more about our plans and how you can help, and hear from some incredibly inspiring speakers who are supporting this new phase of the campaign, and who have fought Palantir in other parts of the world.

Speakers include:  

  • Clive Lewis MP, Labour MP and vice-chair of the Covid-19 All-Party Parliamentary Group
  • Gracie Bradley, Liberty
  • Dr Mike Galsworthy, Scientists for EU and March for Change
  • Jacinta Gonzales, Mijente (USA)
  • Homo Digitalis (Greece)
  • Migrants Rights Network
  • Dr Kitty Worthing, Docs not Cops
  • Cori Crider, Foxglove

This campaign couldn’t be more important. We need our NHS more than ever at the moment. The last thing our NHS needs is for the government to bring in another dodgy private US corporation. So please, if you can, join us online on Thurs 3rd June, 5pm, to find out more and help get the campaign off to a flying start!