London Project Annual Review: 2020-2021

The overall aim of the London Project is to reduce discrimination experienced by migrants. We work across London to uphold and strengthen the rights of all migrants, regardless of their immigration status.

We do this primarily by:

1. Improving skills and abilities amongst migrants to advocate at a local level

2. Strengthening London-wide infrastructure for organising and collective campaigns on migrants’ rights advocacy

3. Increasing migrants’ understanding of their rights and entitlements

This report shares highlights and outcomes from 2020-2021. Like many organisations, we had to think creatively about how to restructure our projects during the coronavirus pandemic.

Though we would have enjoyed to meet with migrants and migrant communities in-person, we used online platforms to our advantage and found new communities to connect with and also we’re able to share our resources more widely than might have otherwise been possible.

In a time where everyone has felt disconnected, leaning on our core value of solidarity was needed more than ever. It has been an absolute joy building our alliances further and we hope you’ll celebrate this year’s highlights alongside us.

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