February 10, 2021

Watch again: Highly Skilled Migrants Report Launch

New Report: Highly Skilled Migrants: Indefinite Leave to Remain Refusals & Covid-19 Realities The criminalisation of the UK’s Highly Skilled Migrants (HSMs) and implications for wider migrant communities. After 10+ years of building a life in the UK, the Home Office decided that many HSMs – all migrants of colour – were of ‘bad character’ […]

Highly Skilled Migrants: Our Response To The Home Office

This is MRN’s official response to the Home Office: The statement from Kevin Foster, minister for future borders and immigration, in your article (Skilled Commonwealth migrants still facing ‘unlawful’ deportation, 26 January) shows that the Home Office is worryingly out of touch with the realities faced by those denied leave to remain in the UK

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