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17 September 2019

Comment: Reframing Race in Divided Times

Jilna Shah

We are delighted to be joining change-makers from across the country today for day one of the Reframing Race programme. This programme, run by Voice4Change England and the Runnymede Trust aims to create a national network of advocates who are equipped to articulate race equality and racial justice issues through effective and coordinated framing. A 2018 report by Voice4Change England and Runnymede Trust, ‘Making The Case for Racial Equality’ concluded that; 

“Despite the longstanding efforts of race equality advocates and activists, there is still the case to make a case for meaningful action on race equality”.

The Reframing Race programme is 12-month programme and today marks the first of three daylong sessions as part of this process. Through participating in these exchanges, the intention is that advocates will be better informed on how to act with greater focus and intentionality in making their case for race equality, and this is especially important in a context where emphasising the morality of their cause is not enough to ‘win the argument’.

MRN is particularly excited to be part of this programme, as we have been an important voice in the sector and beyond making the links between race, racial injustice and the injustice of immigration policies and practice; an area that is so often overlooked or ignored in the migrants’ rights sector, as recognised recently in the Civil Society Futures report which notes the tendency for the ‘whitewashing’ of race in the migration sector . This forms an important part of our intersectional approach to immigration because a migrant is so much more than their immigration status