April 24, 2018

Canadian woman’s experience proves scandal extends beyond Windrush

A woman who lived, worked and raised a family in the UK for 44 years was told to leave because she was deemed irregular. The Guardian reported on Margaret O’Brien’s case  — who left her native Canada in 1971 to settle in Britain. Her case is significant because it proves the Home Office’s hostile treatment […]

New conviction shines spotlight on unregulated ‘immigration advice’

A company director was fined 600 pounds for illegally giving immigration advice. Tariq Hussein, director of Immigration Assistance Services Ltd., pleaded guilty to three charges of providing immigration advice while not being qualified to do so. Details of the case can be found here.  While Hussein was charged for illegally providing immigration advice to companies,

Senior judge calls UK immigration rules ‘a disgrace’

Court of Appeal judge Stephen Irwin called the UK’s immigration rules “something of a disgrace,” in his speech on the complexity and obscurity in the law. Speaking at the Professional Negligence Bar Association on 17 April, Judge Irwin used immigration law to illustrate how the complex drafting of laws can be made even more difficult

Home Office scraps right to remain provisions for Turkish nationals on business visas

Turkish nationals can no longer apply for an Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) through a visa scheme which had existed since 1973. The government announced that it will not accept applications made after 16 March. This means that 12,500 people and their dependents, who entered the UK with the expectation that they would be eligible

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