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23 February 2017

MRN response to APPG inquiry into social integration

September 2016

MRN has responded to an inquiry into social integration by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration.

Broadly, MRN would like the UK’s current patchy approach to social integration take account of measures like those set out in the Migrant Policy Integration Index (MIPEX). These are summarised as:

  • Anti-discrimination
  • Labour market mobility
  • Family reunion
  • Education
  • Political Participation
  • Conditions for residence
  • Access to nationality
  • The submission concludes that

“Measures of integration used by the government at present seem to fit into the rhetoric of ‘Britishness’ and the degree to which migrants have been assimilated into its characteristics rather than anything more scientific or objective. We favour the approach used by MIPEX, which involves outcomes measured in terms of a range of independent variables which, taken together, give a better indication of the direction and dynamic of integration”.

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