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Outsider Project

The Outsider Project was delivered by MRN in 2017, and supported migrants affected by the negative discourse around immigration, and promoted a positive narrative demonstrating the benefits of living in an open society where migration is commonplace.

Led by volunteer Migrant Leaders, the project supported and empowered local migrant communities to organise, build bridges with non-migrant populations and share the positives of migration for the wider population. Through events and the publication of briefing papers the project also lobbied policymakers and stakeholders, and demonstrated the consequences of restrictive immigration policies on their communities and beyond.

In 2017 the project was delivered in Wolverhampton, Oldham, Boston and Barking and Dagenham. In 2018, MRN hopes to further deliver the Outsider Project by developing its approach adapted from participatory action research methodology, and continuing to work with local migrant communities in England to organise and advocate for their rights.

Reports published by the Outsider Project:

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