Palestinian Land Day

The relationship between land and forced migration:

Palestinians are forcibly displaced or turned into refugees by settler colonial forces, and they are deprived of their ancestral connection to their indigenous land.

Palestinians nourish their connection to the land as a form of resistance to displacement and genocide, through planting olive trees and tending to olive groves. Palestinian olive trees are cut down and destroyed by the occupier as a form of erasure.

This is a unique migratory struggle that Palestinians and those who are forcibly displaced by settler colonialism will experience. This is why we advocate a right of return for all Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons.

Gaza Family Scheme

We are also pleased to support Gazan Families Reunited’s joint letter to the Government, that calls for the creation of a Gaza Family Scheme to protect Palestinians’ lives and reunite Gazan families until it’s safe to return. To share your support, please sign this petition and help it reach 100,000 signatures. 

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