MAP: Sixth Workshop

The sixth and final MAP workshop was held on February 17, 2024, and included the Social Networking Lunch and the “Finding Your Opportunity” session. Led by Letícia Ishibashi and Fizza Qureshi, the event provided participants with practical guidance and a space to reflect on their learning journey. The atmosphere was vibrant, with fellows engaging in casual conversations during the warm-up period, and then reflecting on their personal journeys in depth through filling out personal journey forms.

Throughout the session, participants were equipped with specific skills for employment, gained insights into navigating funding and job opportunities, and explored avenues with partner migrants’ rights organisations. The inclusion of The Letting Fee Ban Campaign and The Bristol Bus Boycott as case studies (which had been mentioned during the previous workshop on Community Organizing by Katia Widlak) added depth to the discussion and inspired participants.

Letícia Ishibashi and Fizza Qureshi – The Social Networking Lunch

The Social Networking Lunch provided an opportunity for participants to connect further, fostering a sense of community and support amongst all the fellows. The diversity of the cohort, spanning from recent migrants in their early 20s to late 40s with varied professional backgrounds, enriched the interactions and learning experience.

Feedback from participants highlighted the value they gained from the workshop, particularly in understanding what opportunities were available to them, and in developing concrete plans for their future endeavours. The comprehensive approach of the workshop, coupled with the expertise and passion of the guest speakers, contributed to a successful conclusion of the Migrants Aspiration Programme.

The selection of Letícia Ishibashi and Fizza Qureshi as guest speakers was particularly special, given their extensive experience and commitment to migrants’ rights. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise provided invaluable insights and guidance to participants, inspiring them to navigate challenges and pursue their aspirations in the realm of migrants’ rights.

Overall, the workshop effectively empowered participants to take proactive steps towards realising their aspirations and representing their communities. It served as a fitting conclusion to the Migrants’ Aspiration Programme, leaving participants equipped with enhanced skills, a clearer vision for their future, and a supportive network to navigate their journeys ahead.

Letícia Ishibashi and Fizza Qureshi – “Finding Your Opportunity”

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