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8 August 2023

Join the fight against the Government’s cruelty!

With the inhumane Migration Act receiving Royal Assent, life is about to get even more difficult for people seeking safety. In this newsletter, we share our thoughts on this horrific Act, and also suggest some ways that you can join the fight against this cruelty.

In the wake of this Act, we need to resist the Government’s attempts to pit us against each other. Let’s remember that our struggles are all intertwined, and that we cannot achieve liberation by leaving people behind.

During this heavy time, it is also important for us to find space for joy and reclamation. This month, we have launched our new Reclaiming Language campaign, as part of Words Matter. This campaign explores reclamation as a tool for healing and pride. Find out more below.

In this month’s newsletter, we have also spotlighted our blog for International Non Binary People’s Day. As an intersectional and inclusive charity, it is important for us to emphasise the links between migrant justice and trans+ justice. Find out more below.

Finally, we include updates on our Challenge The Checks and Hostile Office campaigns, and how you can get involved.

To read this month’s newsletter in full, click here.