June 2023

Know Your Rights event tonight!

Do you want to ‘Know Your Rights’ about your sponsored workers visa (including health and social care visa)? Then join us tonight to hear from immigration and employment experts from Kingsley Napley. You’ll have the opportunity to learn more about sponsored worker visas and ask general questions about your immigration and employment rights and any […]

Biphobia in the UK asylum system

As part of our intersectional approach to Pride Month and Refugee Week, we are analysing how certain forms of queer oppression intersect with immigration status.

Scapegoating of migrants, Muslims + queer people: an intersectional perspective

At times of domestic instability or economic hardship, demonisation of marginalised groups often increases. In the contemporary British context, the queer community, Muslims and migrants have become the latest targets of Government and right-wing scapegoating.  Scapegoating and the painting of marginalised communities as “threats” are an established, and effective, distraction mechanism by those in power.

World Refugee Day

Our approach to refugee advocacy must not fall into the trap of single-issue politics. In this blog post, we unpick the language of “refugee” through an intersectional lens.

Survey: Right to Work Checks

Fill in our survey here. Our Challenge the Checks campaign aims to raise awareness of how immigration enforcement in the workplace is affecting migrant workers all over the UK. But we need your help. Working in partnership and placing the lived experiences of migrant communities at the centre of our work is a priority for

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