May 2023

Migration Figures: Statement

Today’s migration figures show 606,000 in numbers and the anti-migrant rhetoric has increased with it. We cannot and should not view people coming here to support our economies and sectors as a disposable number. The Government is driving its agenda to convince us that there are “too many migrants”- which is both inflammatory and untrue. […]

Asylum accommodation: what’s going on?

The question of where to accommodate newly arrived people in the UK or people who are awaiting Home Office decisions has been a contentious one for some time. Hostility has been simmering away about the use of hotels and now seems to be at a boiling point.  In March, Immigration Minister, Robert Jenrick, announced Government

Multiculturalism and inclusion are not things to be feared

Multiculturalism and inclusion are not things to be feared. Yet the Home Secretary and Government’s divisive rhetoric on migration is alienating certain groups of people while failing to address systemic and structural causes of discrimination. We must remember that these are not caused by multiculturalism, but by the State.  The Home Secretary’s comments at the

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